Improving the Odds of an Offer

August 21st, 2017 2:20 PM by ERA Big Sun Realty

How to Improve the Odds of an Offer

    * Price it right. Set a price at the lower end of your property’s realistic price range.

    *Prepare for visitors. Get your house market ready at least two weeks before you begin showing it.

    *Be flexible about showings. It’s often disruptive to have a house ready to show at the spur of the moment. But the more amenable you can be about letting people see your home, the sooner you’ll find a buyer.

    *Anticipate the offers. Decide in advance what price and terms you’ll find acceptable.

    *Don’t refuse to drop the price. If your home has been on the market for more than 30 days without an offer, you should be prepared to at least consider lowering your
asking price.

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Posted by ERA Big Sun Realty on August 21st, 2017 2:20 PM



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