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June 5th, 2018 1:39 PM by ERA Big Sun Realty

Air Conditioning:
1. Change filters monthly.

2.Annual maintenance by a professional licensed company is recommended to keep the unit in top condition.

3. The outside air conditioning unit must be kept clear of all obstructions.

4. Return air ducts must be kept obstruction free at all times.

5. Check to ensure that your condensate drain line is draining properly. The condensate line will drip water when the air conditioning is running if it is functioning properly.

6. We recommend pouring 1 cup of vinegar into the condensate line every 3 to 4 months. This is intended to prevent the condensate line from backing up. Please refer to your owner’s manual for further maintenance instructions.

7. Optimum thermostat temperature settings: For winter – between 68-72 degrees; for summer – between 76-80 degrees.

8. For extended service plans, please consult your Air Conditioning contractor.

1. Do not use water on wood cabinets.
2. Use furniture polish to keep cabinets clean.
3. Do not store excessive weight in the cabinets.

1. Change batteries on smoke detector every six months. General rule of thumb is to change the batteries when you change your clocks for Daylight Saving Time.

2. Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters (GFCI or GFI) outlets are installed around the wet areas of your home, including bathrooms, the kitchen, the garage, and all exterior outlets.
GFCI outlets are mandated by national electric code and state building code. GFCI outlets are designed to trip easily when exposed to moisture or power surges.

3.When a GFCI outlet is not working, unplug appliance connected to the outlet and then hit the reset button on the outlet or the nearest outlet with the reset button.

4. GFCI outlets are not designed to handle the load of a refrigerator.

5. Periodically clean the filter on the range hood.

Plumbing (toilets, water heater, shower & tubs):
1.If you plan to leave town for an extended period of time and you have an electric water heater, you may want to consider shutting off the water heater at the circuit breaker, this will save on your electric bills. For natural gas units, the temperature setting may be reduced to the lowest setting. Upon returning, readjust temperature to your desired setting.

2. When returning from an extended trip, you may notice a strange smell to the water. This is normal for water that becomes stagnate in the water heater. You may drain the water heater by running hot water in the tub. The water heater can also be drained directly, but only after the power has been turned off to the unit. For natural gas units, turn the gas control to “off” before draining. The pilot light in the gas unit will need to be reignited before use. We recommend that you review your water heater manual for more information.

3.Inspect caulking around the shower and tub and repair as needed.

4. Modifications to plumbing should be done by a licensed plumber.

5. Combustible material must be kept away from your hot water heater.

6. Do not pour grease down the drain. Grease is a leading cause of drain clogs.

7. During extreme cold weather, disconnect hose from hose bib to protect bib from freezing.

8. If you have a backflow preventer on your irrigation system, you should cover it during extreme low temperatures.

9. If garbage disposal is not working, push the reset button on the unit.

10. Use the garbage disposal key to clear blockages in the disposal.

1. Most new homes inside On Top of the World use Better Built windows. You can read about cleaning and maintaining your windows at the following Web site:

2. Condensation on windows during the first year is normal.

Around the House:
1. If you have gutters, routinely check to make sure that there is no blockage or drainage problems.

2. Check for downed tree limbs that may have fallen on your roof or around your home.

3. Visually check ridge vents on the roof for any noticeable problems. This will help prevent roof leaks.

4. Inspect the weather stripping around your doors. Weather stripping may be damaged by normal wear and tear or even by pests. Homeowners are responsible for replacing weather stripping as needed.

5. Clean the dryer vent to remove lint and other debris.

6. Annually apply pest control to prevent insects, especially termites from doing damage to your home.

7.Please be aware when hanging pictures or other items on the dry wall, there may be plumbing, electrical, or gas lines behind the wall.
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